Exploring childhood trauma and mental health in Montana

A five-part series that examines some of the effects of childhood trauma, delves into Montana specifics and tells the stories of people who have overcome their past through personal perseverance and professional guidance.

A dangerous age: Surveys find brains and bodies of local students are at risk

The first story in a two-part miniseries about Helena students who are both abusing drugs and combatting mental health issues, and how the district is responding.

Homework without a home: 100-plus Helena students considered homeless

As awareness rises, school district officials are realizing there is a large population of homeless students in Helena schools.

Rising costs: Elementary school transportation budget up $1 million over six years

Outdated elementary schools and overcrowding led to an over 30 percent increase in the Helena  school district's transportation budget in six years.

Finally home: WWII bombardier laid to rest after more than 70 years

The journey of a WWII bombardier who was killed in action, and what it took to get him to his final resting place in his home of Augusta, Mont., 70 years after he was shot down. 

Almost billionaires 

Chosen by Longreads as their college pick of the week, this piece tells the story of six University of Montana graduates were almost set for life after they got into the online poker business early in the game, and then the Department of Justice took it all away. 

University to cut teaching-assistant positions

In the face of institution-wide budget cuts, the University of Montana is cutting eight TA positions, and some think the decision is like the university cutting off its own foot. 

Land of the Tiger

A story of the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, and the people whose lives revolve around it. 

A homeless education

A longform feature story on homeless students at the University of Montana

Opportunity for sustainable energy blows by

The University of Montana, though pledged to be carbon neutral by 2020, decides not to invest in wind energy.

Carbon crisis: Campus not on track to meet environmental goals

The University of Montana is not on track to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2020.